Own Your Film School Education


We are an accelerated 2 year program. OnSET does not follow a typical academic calendar year. We operate 52 weeks a year with all National Holidays off. 


· $11,000 / per 6 months

· $22,000/ per year

· $44,000 / per full 2 year program 

*This equates to $423.00 per week (per year)

There are NO additional fees or charges for materials or otherwise. Tuition does not rise in year two of the program. We have also formed a strategic partnership with an International Bank. They have agreed to exclusively service our students offering incredible interest rates on any loans needed to offset attendance cost.


During production on our feature film in year 2, we will be paying our students as crew on the project (per industry standards.)


Tuition fees paid by students are treated as an investment in our feature film with a full return plus a premium of 15% (first monies out) through domestic / global distribution (per industry standards and practices.) Students also own a pari-passu percentage of the film's backend profits.   

*This investment is a write-off for tax purposes until the film is profitable via distribution. 

Please contact us for more information. Our approach is extremely hands-on. There are limited spaces available.



To learn more please fill out the CONTACT US FOR AN APPLICATION form on our home page via the button below.