Own Your Film School Education

At our umbrella company PIPELINE ENTERTAINMENT we have had the pleasure of working with many film school students and graduates. Our assistants and intern program participants continuously comment that during their time with us they learn more about the entertainment industry than the time spent at their respective colleges, universities and film schools. From a business as well as creative perspective. This raised an eyebrow, to say the least...

What if there was an alternative to overpriced film schools and University programs that was not only hands on in the development and physical production process, but also had a major focus on the business side of the entertainment industry? And what if those individuals participating in the program were actually treated as investors in the final feature film project?

This is how OnSET was born.

Our day to day at PIPELINE ENTERTAINMENT is navigating a very broad scope of the entertainment industry. We place clients and manage their overall careers in TV, Film, Documentaries, Commercials, Promos, Web Content and Theatre. We also hands on package, finance and produce projects in all of these areas from script development to physical production to marketing and distribution on the screen.

Our mission is to share that knowledge as mentors with a select group of highly motivated and talented students OnSET.

OnSET filming DEMENTIA 13 for Universal Pictures
OnSET filming DEMENTIA 13 for Universal Pictures